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Re: JamaicaVM and GNU Classpath


On Sunday 27 October 2002 16:06, Mark Wielaard wrote:
> > What do you do with your statistics? We use CVS to store the detailed
> > report and use a brief summary as log message. We use the CVS facilities
> > of sending an eMail with the log message to all developers.
> Not enough :( I just make sure that they are generated everyday so that
> it is easy to see on what day which test stopped working by searching
> the gcc-testresults archives.

Sure. This is done by a cron job and needs no special effort ;-).

> > We use scripts to generate a wrapping main class for each test (which is
> > maybe not what the mauve developers intended, because running the test
> > suite takes some time that way, but we want to be able to generate proper
> > log files even in case some severe bug was found in the VM).
> I once wrote something like that when Kissme was a lot less mature and
> crashing a lot (at least on powerpc). They have not yet been integrated
> into CVS yet, but can be found in the mauve-discuss archives:

I should have subscribed the list earlier. It is more or less what we did as 
well at about the same time ...

As maturity of the VM is concerned: When implementing a new platform, this is 
quite helpful as well.



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