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Re: Packaging mauve for debian


On Wed, 2002-10-16 at 12:45, Grzegorz Prokopski wrote:
> 1. I will need to (pre)compile the tests. I used this:
> for one in `find . -name \*.java`; do javac $one ; done;
> It gives me some errors about semantics in about 3 source files,
> but I belive they're there just becasue mauve is work in progress.

What errors do you get? I recently made sure that most sources could be
compiled with whatever version of the core classes you where using. But
of course if your core classes don't implement some classes then you
will not be able to compile the tests for those classes.

> ad 2. can you give me some manual way of running the tests?
> The goal for me (and for enduser) would be to have a script
> which can run all of the tests on current JVM (java command)
> or specified test if given as argument.
> Any hints and ideas would be greatly appreciated.

You can always just create a classes file (like the current build system
does) and distribute this with you package. Then end users can just do:

	cat classes | someVM gnu.testlet.SimpleTestHarness

The only disadvantage of that is that if the VM is not very robust that
it may hang or completely crash on a test.

I wrote some scripts that compile and run all tests one by one with a
timeout. They can be found in the Mauve mailinglist archives. Please let
us know if you use those scripts then we can integrate them.

I would be very interested in the results of running Mauve on different
VMs. There are clearly some tests that are not completely correct (like
some java.lang.Character tests). So it would be nice to compare what
fails on every known VM.



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