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Packaging mauve for debian


I am packaging mauve for debian as I want to use it for testing
SableVM ( while porting to other arches.

I have some questions.

1. I will need to (pre)compile the tests. I used this:
for one in `find . -name \*.java`; do javac $one ; done;

It gives me some errors about semantics in about 3 source files,
but I belive they're there just becasue mauve is work in progress.

2. After I gather the tests (into some directories in filesystem,
or maybe some zip or jar? - anything against it?) I will have
to run them. Is there any other script besides makefile
that is capable of running the tests when they're put into
specified directory?

3. It doesn't seem that make install does anything useful? right?

ad 2. can you give me some manual way of running the tests?

The goal for me (and for enduser) would be to have a script
which can run all of the tests on current JVM (java command)
or specified test if given as argument.

Any hints and ideas would be greatly appreciated.


				Grzegorz B. Prokopski

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