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Bugs in java.lang.Float.FloatTest & java.lang.Double.DoubleTest


I think I've found a common bug in the tests for Float.byteValue() and
Double.byteValue(), and I'd like someone to confirm my reasoning before
I fix it. 

In we find the following 
code fragments:

   public void test_shortbyteValue()
            Float d2 = new Float( 400.35 );
            // 400 doesn't fit in a byte value, so it is
	    // truncated.
            harness.check(!( d2.byteValue() != (byte)127 ), 
			  "Error: test_shortbyteValue failed - 5" );

Subtest 5 fails on Kissme with the Classpath implementation of
java.lang.Float.  The d2.byteValue() call actually returns -112, not 
127 as the subtest expects.  However, I think that it is the testcase 
that is wrong, not Classpath / Kissme.

  1)  The JDK 1.4 javadoc for Float.byteValue() states that it should
      convert the Float's wrapped value to a byte using a type cast.
      [This is what the Classpath code does.]

  2)  The JLS says that a float is narrowed to a byte in two steps.
      First, the float is narrowed to an int, then the int is narrowed
      to a byte.

         a)  Narrowing 400.35 to an int gives 400.

         b)  Narrowing 400 to a byte gives -112.

DoubleTest has an analogous bug.

If someone can confirm my reading of the specs, I'll fix the testcases.

-- Steve


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