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Re: test suite, introdutory help.


On Thu, 2002-08-08 at 15:31, Daniel Dallas wrote:
> Do you have a simple intro to writing test harnesses for object oriented
> software?  I hope that projects like Mauve will be more practical then
> our current text book, and provide a basis for earning to code a test
> harness and devise some test cases. 
> I had a look at this thread on the discussion:
> but this is programmed in shell.  I would prefer to write in Java,
> though we could use shell.  Anyway, these scripts look too complicated
> for the intro I'm looking for.

As Brian already explained we have some special needs when running Mauve
with VMs that might not be very stable so they crash and burn while
running the test suite. That also means that we use as less advanced
features as possible. Please take a look at JUnit for a similar test
framework that doesn't have those constrains and which also comes with a
little bit more documentation <>

> Do you have something simple for undergraduate Java programmers to start
> writing (or using open source) simple test harnesses on their projects?

I came across the following course that uses Mauve as an example of how
to write unit tests but which includes its own test framework. Maybe
that group can help.



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