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test suite, introdutory help.

Dear test expert,

I need your help.  I am the head tutor for an introductory software
engineering subject at RMIT in Melbourne Australia.  I work with
undergraduate students with no experience in software testing.

We design software with UML and then code it in Java, we are ok with
this.  We now want to write test harnesses and develop some test cases.
I and other tutors are new to this and are currently following a text
book written for structured programming.

Do you have a simple intro to writing test harnesses for object oriented
software?  I hope that projects like Mauve will be more practical then
our current text book, and provide a basis for earning to code a test
harness and devise some test cases. 

I had a look at this thread on the discussion:
but this is programmed in shell.  I would prefer to write in Java,
though we could use shell.  Anyway, these scripts look too complicated
for the intro I'm looking for.

Do you have something simple for undergraduate Java programmers to start
writing (or using open source) simple test harnesses on their projects?

Daniel Dallas.
RMIT Melbourne.

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