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Re: [Kissme-general] Re: Should I or not submit changes?

Stephen Crawley


I couldn't find the mauve-kissme file ...

It is there now. Look in the kissme CVS for useful-scripts/mauve-kissme. Also look at the 'run-mauve-regression' rule in the latest version of the

[I'm sorry this took so long. I trashed my home directory and had
to rebuild it. :-(]

not a problem :) I'm still playing with all the script and hope to able to find a
way to make the testing and generating test and running test a lot easier
then right now.

I see how you use the mauve-kissme to run the full test ( regression ) but
I have a different reason to use the script, is isolating the
range of the test. Like in the mauve-kissme, it identifly some test is no good
to run. Unless who has a good understanding of mauve and kissme and
classpath code like you, or else it will very hard to identifly them. For me it is
not easy to sort it out. So far what I have been trying to do is take one sub
directory at a time to run the test on... and that is what for.
I'm not trying to say my script is any good. But I really like to see some more
control to generate test and running test as need ( rather then all or one ).
If that some level of control is existing, please let me know.
e.g. KEY file include* should only test on* classes right?
( I never get it to run the way I wanted )


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