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Re: [Kissme-general] Re: Should I or not submit changes?

--- Alex Lau <> wrote:
> >  *  The Mauve makefile should notice when I have
> edited the current
> >     key file, and rebuild the class list file.
> >  
> >
> >     At the moment, I think that the class list
> only gets rebuilt 
> >     if you change the value of the KEYS
> environment variable.
> >
> is that right? no wonder I couldn't do anything to
> the class list.....
> The keything is not very "user friendly" .... once
> again that is why I
> try to put in those script to help me generate
> keys... I really would
> like to start writing test cases... but before that
> I think we need a
> more complete mauve to do that. The whole system
> need
> someone to upkeep and make it work the way it should
> be...
> ( as a matter of fact for more then a month I still
> not sure how
> should it really work .... )

I tried to use the key files when I started to play
around with mauve. Couldn't get it to work. Now I make
sure that I always pass KEYS to make check.

> Dalibor Topic wrote:
> >Porting tests over to Junit might not be too
> exciting,
> >though. I believe that (if the mauve hackers decide
> to
> >allow junit tests) it would be a better option to
> have
> >both frameworks in parallel for a while. As junit
> >relies on reflection, it wouldn't make much sense
> to
> >run it on an implementation with broken reflection
> >libraries. ;)
> That's the trick I guess... if reflection is working
> :)
> The question I always get is how much should the
> testing
> tool depend on the VM and the Classpath?

In my opinion, not at all, if we are still talking
about mauve. Mauve should just test the API spec and
avoid testing properties of a specific implementation.

Take java.lang.Character tests, for example. According
to the JLS second edition, Sun used Unicode 1.1.5 in
java 1.0, unicode 2.0 up to java 1.1.7 and unicode 2.1
from that up to 1.4, I think. Java 1.4 uses unicode
3.0. What do you test for?

best regards,

dalibor topic

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