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Re: [Kissme-general] Re: Should I or not submit changes?

> I added your changes, but I can't figure out how to get the .in files to
> be turned into .sh files.

They would simply need to be added to the AC_CONFIG_FILES macro call in
Kissme's file.

However ... I've looked at Alex's scripts, and concluded that it would be
better to use the 'mauve-kissme' key file that Mark Wielaard emailed last
week, especially if we can put that file into CVS.  

The problem is that if you run Mauve tests the way that the Mauve README
file says you should, the key file has to live in the Mauve directory.
This is real nuisance.  [I can arrange that the Kissme make rules for
running the Mauve tests copy the key file to the place where Mauve 
expects it to be ... but that's a HACK.]

Here are some other beefs that I have with Mauve:

  *  Mauve's "make clean" doesn't delete the .class files.

  *  Someone has checked some files generated by autoconf, etcetera
     (configure and Makefile IIRC).   These contain dependencies on
     the version of autoconf, etcetera used on said person's machine
     and break on my machine.  These generated files need to be 
     removed from CVS.

  *  Mauve needs a global cvsignore file to ignore *.class files and
     a .cvsignore file on the top directory to ignore the files created
     by autoconf and configure.

  *  The Mauve metascript should have a --with option for
     specifying a directory or search path for finding key files.  
  *  The Mauve makefile should notice when I have edited the current
     key file, and rebuild the class list file.

     At the moment, I think that the class list only gets rebuilt 
     if you change the value of the KEYS environment variable.

-- Steve

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