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Re: failure notice

--- Tom Tromey <> wrote:
> >>>>> "Dalibor" == Dalibor Topic <>
> writes:
> Dalibor>  The constructor of the test subsclass for
> Dalibor> is broken: it calls
> the
> Dalibor>  constructor of PrintStream with an
> OutputStream of
> Dalibor>  null.
> Thanks.  I've changed it to use System.out.
> What do you think of that?

Yes, that's better. It works for current kaffe, gij
3.1 and jdk 1.4.0. It's only needed temporarily
anyway, and gets replaced in the test by the

> Does the PrintStream constructor require an
> exception if the argument
> is null?  Or is this just a QoI thing?

the spec is silent on it (up to JDK 1.4.0 at least).
The Java Class Libraries Book 2nd Ed Vol 1 by Chen et
al says the constructor requires a non-null output

> Do you want Mauve write access?  That might be best
> if you plan to
> hack on it more.

I'd like to migrate some tests from kaffe over to
mauve. So write access would be nice, but not really


dalibor topic

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