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RE: [kaffe] Mauve test results

Hi Gauiilaume,

--- Audeon Guillaume <> wrote:
> > > I've ran the Mauve test suite (downloaded today
> > > 11-June-2002) on Kaffe and
> > > get the following results:
> >
> > > Error :
> > > test_Basics failed - 5 Not able to create a
> socket 
> > > (number 1)
> > > 
> > > Then Kaffe blocks indefinitely. It has already
> been
> > > reported that Kaffe has
> > > some problems with Unicode characters.
> > 
> > I think that you are not running the latest mauve
> from
> > CVS. This issue should have been fixed, check
> >
> > for reference.
> I'm running Mauve tarball dated 11-June-2002.
> It seems that this has not been fixed yet.
> I'm copying this mail to Mauve.

My bug ;) The thread above says that a bug on
DatagramSocketTest2 was fixed, you are apparently
having problems with DatagramSocketTest (since you are
done with DatagramSocketTest2 when you start doing
DatagramSocketTest, where you caught an exception).
The test names are a little too similar for my eyes ;)

Looking at it, you get a different exception than I do
in DatagramSocketTest: in your case trying to open a
datagram socket on the local host fails, while the
exception I get happens much later :
test_echoWithTimeout failed - 5 Exception occured
while sending/receiving. It would be interesting to
get a stack trace of the last exception you see before
kaffe hangs. You need to patch the test for that.

Also, running the test suite with TESTFLAGS="-verbose"
would help you to find the spot where it all breaks
down faster, by telling you which tests succeeded.

> > [...]
> > I think it's time we put some mauve results on the
> web
> > site.
> > [...]
> > I'd better write a FAQ.mauve, I guess ;)
> It sounds great, and it may also contains some extra
> information on how to run the Mauve test suite on
> Kaffe;-)

actually, I thought I'd write that from kaffe's
perspective and put it into kaffe's FAQ directory. I
doubt it's going to be that useful for mauve since
it's based on the terse documentation mauve already
has ;)

> > One last word regarding Character failures: about
> 2/3
> > of the 1019 failures I get on JDK 1.1 tests (using
> > latest kaffe from trunk) are due to my changes
> from
> > Fri May 24, which fixed the behaviour of digit and
> > getNumericalValue mthods. The JDK 1.4 spec has
> been
> > updated since 1.4 to clarify the behaviour of one
> of
> > them, while the other one is still underspecified.
> Its
> > semantics are explained mich better in the
> > corresponding java class libraries book by Chan.
> > 
> > I filed a bug with Sun's bug parade, saying that
> they
> > should clarify the spec. They haven't managed to
> > contact me in the last two weeks, and I wanted to
> see
> > if Sun would update their spec before I go off and
> > send the mauve developers a patch updating their
> > tests. (in fact, most of it is already there, just
> > commented out). 
> In the meanwhile, is there a mean to exclude all
> Character related tests, as they are meaningless?


in your case you should use "KEYS="JDK1.1 \!java." That's gong to only execute
the tests for DatagramSocket.

best regards,

dalibor topic

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