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RE: [kaffe] Mauve test results

Hi all,

Thank you Dalibor for your helpful answer.

> > I've ran the Mauve test suite (downloaded today
> > 11-June-2002) on Kaffe and
> > get the following results:
> > Error :
> > test_Basics failed - 5 Not able to create a socket 
> > (number 1)
> > 
> > Then Kaffe blocks indefinitely. It has already been
> > reported that Kaffe has
> > some problems with Unicode characters.
> I think that you are not running the latest mauve from
> CVS. This issue should have been fixed, check
> for reference.

I'm running Mauve tarball dated 11-June-2002.
It seems that this has not been fixed yet.
I'm copying this mail to Mauve.

> [...]
> I think it's time we put some mauve results on the web
> site.
> [...]
> I'd better write a FAQ.mauve, I guess ;)

It sounds great, and it may also contains some extra
information on how to run the Mauve test suite on Kaffe;-)

> One last word regarding Character failures: about 2/3
> of the 1019 failures I get on JDK 1.1 tests (using
> latest kaffe from trunk) are due to my changes from
> Fri May 24, which fixed the behaviour of digit and
> getNumericalValue mthods. The JDK 1.4 spec has been
> updated since 1.4 to clarify the behaviour of one of
> them, while the other one is still underspecified. Its
> semantics are explained mich better in the
> corresponding java class libraries book by Chan.
> I filed a bug with Sun's bug parade, saying that they
> should clarify the spec. They haven't managed to
> contact me in the last two weeks, and I wanted to see
> if Sun would update their spec before I go off and
> send the mauve developers a patch updating their
> tests. (in fact, most of it is already there, just
> commented out). 

In the meanwhile, is there a mean to exclude all
Character related tests, as they are meaningless?


Guillaume AUDEON
(33) (0)2 99 27 31 30

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