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Re: netbeans and junit tests

James Williams <> writes:

> junit tests can be run from the command line.  In terms of the PASS FAIL 
> reporting junit does that, but  something really cool is that junit can be 
> integrated with ANT to produce reports.  I havent done the reports part of it 
> yet, however, I'm currently reading "Java Tools for Extreme Programming"  
> which outlines how to do it.  
> I am willing to help port the tests to junit.   
> P.S. Junit and ANT integrate extremely well into netbeans.  we've been using 
> all open source tools for devel because our capital budget is way over, and 
> we cant afford to pay for proprietary tools.  Its been kewl cause the 
> managers are all scratching their heads and saying, but how are doing it with 
> no capital budget.  I hope to submit reports about the savings incurred.
> If you are still interested in junit, let me know I'll help.

I'm still interested; I just don't have the time right now to help
lead this initiative:  

        * Verify with Tom Tromey (tromey@redhat) that junit is okay
          and he wouldn't be upset about a framework change.

        * To find out how gcc/libjava run their tests and prototype
          something to see if it can be compatible with or without tweakage.

        * If finding junit is compatible, going through the process of
          creating a branch to work on in Mauve to avoid disrupting
          testing on the main trunk and converting all the tests.

Brian Jones <>

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