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Re: netbeans and junit tests

James Williams <> writes:

> Netbeans 3.3.1 can automatically generate the shell junit TestCase object 
> framework for all classes within a directory(s) recursivley.  We've used this 
> feature at work and its pretty cool.  we generated a junit test framework for 
> our entire project of about 100 classes in about 30 seconds. 
> Just a suggestion.  
> I've been thinking that with the popularity of junit, there might be a 
> greater attraction of developers to the task of writing tests, given that 
> junit is so widely used, especially with (XP)

It's worth looking into if it is suitable for this project to rely on
software licensed under the IBM Common Public License Version 0.5.

This license seems to be quite free, so is that an issue (Tom)?

However I'm not yet familiar enough with it to know if it can easily
be integrated into gcc's traditional dejagnu testsuite which is
largely based on printing of FAIL or PASS.  Any idea, since you've
used it and I haven't yet, what sort of output is possible and
experience using the command line (non-gui) test runner?

Gcj has specific needs to compile the code to native format although
at some point perhaps it could be argued libjava needs to run the
testsuite in two ways, once compiled to native and again compiled to
byte code only.

JUnit appears to have only a little more in the way of requirements
than Mauve.  Reflection is used in spots, some of it appears

Since you brought it up, do you have the time to work on converting
current tests?  Also, creating the tests would have to be done from
libjava's source or Classpath's source.  Creating the tests from Sun's
source would probably be wrong.

Brian Jones <>

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