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Re: junit and extreme programming

>>>>> "James" == James Williams <> writes:

James> I really want the media api's and swing in classpath/gcj.  So
James> having read "The Cathedral and the Bazaar" I thought I would
James> scratch my itch by coding the api's and contributing to an open
James> source project at the same time.

Sound great!  There may already be some media code in the ClasspathX
project.  I'm not sure.

James> I saw the first part of this itch scratching to be a tool that
James> could read the api's and generate the shell code for them.

There's already one of these floating around.  (If you wrote it and I
forgot, please accept my apologies :-).  Look at the recent gcj
mailing list history for info.

James> At the same time that this generation is done I would like for
James> the generator to also generate the test framework which would
James> consist of a TestCase for each java Object., and a test method
James> for each public method/constructor initially just to test if
James> the method has been implemented.

This sounds good.  You could generate Mauve stubs pretty easily and
then fill them in by hand.


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