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junit and extreme programming

We use XP at work and I'm really into it.  We write all of the tests up front 
for our project using junit3.7 (which intergrates really well with 

Anyway, XP is quite similar to the opensource approach in many ways though XP 
has no opinion about the 'freedom' arguement.  

I really want the media api's and swing in classpath/gcj.  So having read 
"The Cathedral and the Bazaar" I thought I would scratch my itch by coding 
the api's and contributing to an open source project at the same time.  

I saw the first part of this itch scratching to be a tool that could read the 
api's and generate the shell code for them.  At the same time that this 
generation is done I would like for the generator to also generate the test 
framework which would consist of a TestCase for each java Object., and a test 
method for each public method/constructor initially just to test if the 
method has been implemented.  I then wanted to use the XP approach to write 
the unit/functional tests for each Object/Method before I implement them.  
I've used this approach at work and it is amazing.   I don't want to preach 
but you really have to experience the confidence you get from this approach 
to appreciate it.   Anyway, I'm currently reading "A Practical Guide to 
testing Object Oriented Systems" by MacGregor/Sykes, and they talk about the 
different ways of testing OO systems. One of the things they talk about are 
coverage tests.  I believe I can produce a tool to automatically generate 
these coverage tests which would be added to the overall test suitel. 

I guess I'm harping on a bit, but let me know how I can be of any help to you 

James Williams
P.S. Thanks for the tip with email address/ first time using KEmail

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