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More cleanups and two test fixes


Here are a couple more changes to make some testlets self contained.
This does not change the test results. I still do get a few link
failures with gcj but those seem not to be as easy to fix as these were.

Also included are two obvious fixes that were discovered when going over
the mauve failures for a recent libgcj. See discussion about tests here:
<> for Part 1 and here
<> for Part 2.
(Do others have an overview of Mauve results for their library?)

With this patch in place I will be ready to write Part 3 - the final
chapter. After we have consensus on the libgcj mailinglist about the
other failures and if more are determined to be actually faults in Mauve
tests I will post them here.

Note that there are more tests that seem to use old hosts or webpages
that are no longer around. We should have a policy about what
hosts/webpages can be used in Mauve tests.

There is a small additional test for Modifier that tests the order of
modifiers as defined in the last public spec. (libgcj fails that test,
but I have a patch.)

2002-04-03  Mark Wielaard  <>

 * gnu/testlet/java/util/AbstractCollection/
 Make self contained, extend AbstractCollection, removed test_add().
 * gnu/testlet/java/util/AbstractCollection/
 Removed, moved into AcuniaAbstractCollectionTest.
 * gnu/testlet/java/util/AbstractCollection/
 New file, self contained testlet based on AcuniaAddCollection and
 * gnu/testlet/java/util/AbstractCollection/
 Removed, moved into AcuniaAddCollectionTest.

 * gnu/testlet/java/util/AbstractList/ Make
 self contained, extends AbstractList.
 * gnu/testlet/java/util/AbstractList/
 Removed, moved into AcuniaAbstractListTest.

 * gnu/testlet/java/util/AbstractMap/ Make
 self contained, extends AbstractMap.
 * gnu/testlet/java/util/AbstractMap/ Removed,
 moved into AcuniaAbstractMapTest.

 * gnu/testlet/java/util/AbstractSequentialList/
 Make self contained, extends AbstractSequentialList.
 * gnu/testlet/java/util/AbstractSequentialList/
 Removed, moved into AcuniaAbstractSequentialListTest.

 * gnu/testlet/java/util/AbstractSet/ Make
 self contained, extends AbstractSet.
 * gnu/testlet/java/util/AbstractSet/ Removed,
 moved into AcuniaAbstractSetTest.

 * gnu/testlet/java/net/InetAddress/ Use since does no longer exist.

 * gnu/testlet/java/lang/reflect/Modifier/ Check for
 strictfp not just strict. Add check for full ordering.



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