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Making tests more self contained


I made a couple of tests more self contained so they don't need any
external classes or methods. This helps testing with gcj since the
current setup doesn't deal very well with non self contained testlets.
But I think that it is good practice to try to make a test class as self
contained as possible.

2002-04-02  Mark Wielaard  <>

  * gnu/testlet/java/util/ArrayList/ Make self
  contained, extend ArrayList.
  * gnu/testlet/java/util/ArrayList/ Removed,
  moved into AcuniaArrayListTest.
  * gnu/testlet/java/util/Vector/ Make self
  contained, extend Vector.
  * gnu/testlet/java/util/Vector/ Removed, moved
  into AcuniaVectorTest.

2002-04-01  Mark Wielaard  <>

  * gnu/testlet/java/lang/ThreadLocal/ Make self contained.
  * gnu/testlet/java/lang/Integer/ Likewise.
  * gnu/testlet/java/io/File/ Likewise.
  * gnu/testlet/java/io/File/ Removed, moved into jdk11.

Yes, I actually already committed the first batch yesterday without
telling anybody. Sorry.

Please yell if you want me to ask permission first on the list before
committing these kinds of cleanups.



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