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Re: FYI: Adding RuntimeException checks


On Tue, 2002-04-02 at 15:47, Brian Jones wrote:
> > 2002-04-02  Mark Wielaard  <>
> > 
> >   * gnu/testlet/java/beans/Introspector/ (tryone): Catch all
> >   Throwables.
> Do you mean that gcj is throwing an exception in code that it probably
> should not be throwing an exception in or that there is some sort of
> programming error in the testlet?

They are probably all errors in libgcj. In the example above it is for
example throwing an AWTError when checking java.awt.Component with the
Introspector (since libgcj does not contain a valid java.awt.Toolkit).
Also sometimes libgcj throws NullPointer exceptions were it shouldn't
which aborts the rest of the test completely.

It is a workaround for bugs in libgcj. But some testlets have hundreds
of tests which just don't run if one of those throws an unexpected
RuntimeException or Error. The real solution is to split those testlets
into smaller ones that only test one particular method.



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