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FYI: Adding RuntimeException checks


While testing libgcj a saw a couple of FAILs due to uncaught exceptions.
I have added explicit catch blocks (which fail) to a number of tests
that throw RuntimeExceptions when run with libgcj.

This should not impact any other platforms that do not throw these
unexpected RuntimeExceptions and lets the rest of the test complete
normally instead of just aborting in the middle with libgcj.

2002-04-02  Mark Wielaard  <>

  * gnu/testlet/java/beans/Introspector/ (tryone): Catch all
  * gnu/testlet/java/lang/Float/ (test_valueOf): Catch
  more Exceptions.
  * gnu/testlet/java/lang/Integer/ (test): Catch
  * gnu/testlet/java/lang/Long/ (test_getLong): Likewise.
  * gnu/testlet/java/lang/Long/ (test): Likewise.
  * gnu/testlet/java/net/DatagramSocket/
  (invalid_receive_data): Catch IllegalArgumentException.
  * gnu/testlet/java/net/InetAddress/ (test_Basics):
  Catch NullPointerException.
  * gnu/testlet/java/util/AbstractMap/
  (test_putAll): Catch NoSuchElementException.
  * gnu/testlet/java/util/HashMap/
  (test_entrySet): Catch ConcurrentModificationException.
  * gnu/testlet/java/util/Vector/
  (test_removeRange): Catch IllegalArgumentException.

Note that some of these exceptions might be thrown validly according to
the spec. I have not yet checked.



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