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Re: Adding serialized version uid tests to mauve

>>>>> "Dalibor" == Dalibor Topic <> writes:

Dalibor> I'm thinking about contributing serial version UID tests to
Dalibor> mauve, which would test whether a class has the proper serial
Dalibor> version uid. Is there any desire for such tests in mauve?

I think it would be useful.  Even more useful would be something to
make sure that the actual serialization is interoperable: make sure
some test platform can interoperate with the JDK.  This would probably
require a new test platform; the current one can't really do something
like this.

Dalibor> Actually, is there some written "Contributing" and "Hacking
Dalibor> Mauve" documentation available? I found the contributing
Dalibor> section on the web page to be, well, blank, and the
Dalibor> documentation in the CVS wasn't that helpful on the topic
Dalibor> either.

There's the README, but that's about it.
The build setup is a bit dumb, really.  I've occasionally considered
moving the key selection from `make' to `configure', since that is
imho easier to understand.  However my Mauve hacking time is
essentially nil.


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