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Re: Adding serialized version uid tests to mauve

Dalibor Topic <> writes:

> Hi,
> I'm thinking about contributing serial version UID
> tests to mauve, which would test whether a class has
> the proper serial version uid. Is there any desire for
> such tests in mauve?

It is possible that Japize serves these needs.  See

> Actually, is there some written "Contributing" and
> "Hacking Mauve" documentation available? I found the
> contributing section on the web page to be, well,
> blank, and the documentation in the CVS wasn't that
> helpful on the topic either.

The README has the necessary information, although I too find that
figuring out how to use it is not so obvious.

You must set variables before running configure.  If you change them,
rerun configure.

     JAVA   Name of Java interpreter to use
     JAVAC  Name of Java (to class) compiler to use

I use the following values for ORP & Classpath

JAVA=~/orp-1.0.8/mains/orp/Linux/dbg/orp -classpath /usr/local/classpath/share/classpath:.

(Umm, 1.0.8 doesn't work for me yet btw so don't expect much if you
try that!)


Some classes in Mauve apparently have a method (non-constructor) of
the same name as the class and Jikes doesn't like those, the rest seem

Here's the hard part.  The readme talks about using KEYS=... and here
is the only way I've tried that works.

cd mauve
make KEYS=classpath check

In the "mauve" directory I've placed a file called "mauve-classpath"
with entries like this.  A version of this file is checked into
Classpath's CVS and gcj has a similar file in its CVS tree.


Brian Jones <>

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