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An inconsistency in the README/choose script...

There appears to be an inconsistency in the README regarding 
file tagging.  At the beginning of the section on tagging,
it states that using JDK1.2 would imply JDK1.0 and JDK1.1.
In selecting a test to compile/perform, if the Tags: line
had any of these marked it would be included.  It then
goes on to state that if the tag specified on the command
line (here JDK1.2) appears with the ! marker, it would
be excluded.  This is the way the choose script currently 

However, later in the README it states that using the ! tag
would mark something eliminated in that release.  For
example, Tags: JDK1.0 !JDK1.2 would imply that the test
applies to JDK1.0, JDK1.1 but not JDK1.2, JDK1.3, etc.
However that is not actually the case - when I added the
JDK1.3 tag support (which is explicitly stated on the
command line) a bunch of tests which were disabled using
!JDK1.2 all came back to life...

Personally, I feel that the latter case should apply, if only
to avoid having to maintain the tag lists for "deprecated" test
instances.  I am willing to change it and update the README,
but being the new man on the block, I thought I should see what
other peoples opinions were (in case there is something I
haven't though of or some reason the exclusion list is
governed exclusively by the command line arguments).

Jeff Heisz, Halcyon Inc.
2300 Yonge Street, Suite 1801, Box 2419,
Toronto, Ontario, CANADA M4P 1E4

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