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Re: Current status of MAUVE

On 3 Oct 2001, Tom Tromey wrote:

> >>>>> "Brian" == Brian Jones <> writes:
> >> 2. Is MAUVE only for class libraries? how about JVM ( bytecode
> >> verifier and runtime JVM)?
> Brian> Hopefully there is an archive somewhere.  This question came up
> Brian> recently qbut I don't remember the status.
> I don't think anybody is working on it.
> I think if somebody wants to, they should make a new module in the
> mauve CVS repository and start work there.

Yes, I promised to start a new module for this, and then didn't.  My
immediate need for such a module evaporated, and just like everyone else
these days, I got swamped by my own work, and couldn't afford to put the
time into it.

All I can contribute to the world at the moment is my conformance test
program, which is incomplete but still helpful, and quite thorough in the
parts it does test.  It is called "Veiovis", and you can find it in the
Downloads section on this page:

(In fact, the Jupiter distribution contains a number of test suites,
including some from myself, Kaffe, ElectricalFire, and another researcher
at the University of Toronto named Mathew Zaleski.  Together they provide
a decent foundation for a JVM conformance test.  They are all in the
"test" directory of the Jupiter distro.)

Patrick Doyle

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