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Re: Contributing to mauve...

>>>>> "Jeff" == Jeff Heisz <> writes:

Jeff> I've been using Mauve to do some tinkering with some private
Jeff> Java library coding and have added some test cases to my local
Jeff> mauve installation.  I would like to contribute these back to
Jeff> mauve, along with any new tests I create as I go along.


Jeff> Can someone contact me regarding procedures to allow me
Jeff> development access to the CVS tree?  I have ssh et al, so I'm
Jeff> assuming that it will be legal/account stuff that is required.

Actually Mauve is fairly relaxed legally.  You just have to be allowed
(by your company or whatever) to submit code to it; no paperwork
required.  Also of course we require that submissions respect certain
basic rules: you can't use other people's code in a Mauve test (e.g.,
copying a test from the JCK would be bad), you should follow Mauve
rules (e.g., correctly mark requirements of a test in the Tags: line).

What sorts of tests have you written?

You can request an account here:

List my email address as the approver.


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