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Re: Test of primitive types

>>>>> "Artur" == Artur Biesiadowski <> writes:

Artur> Same goes for many other core features - if jvm needs testing
Artur> for such things, it is probable that it might break at any
Artur> moment in unexpected way. For such kind of stuff I think you
Artur> should use testing framework from other environment -
Artur> bash/expect and fork separate jvm for every test.

I agree.

Artur> Mauve is core lib test, not jvm test and I believe it should
Artur> focus and stay on that subject. Nailing few jvm test on top of
Artur> it won't help anything. Full jvm testing is a subject for
Artur> different project. And java compiler testing is a subject for
Artur> yet another one (in this case you would need to have fully
Artur> trusted jvm and fully trusted core lib).

Jacks exists for compiler testing.  I definitely advocate that Java
compiler developers work with the Jacks project when writing tests.  I
intend to push gcj in that direction as time permits.  I've already
occasionally run gcj against Jacks and tried to fix bugs.

I'm unaware of any JVM testing project.  There's nothing preventing us
from making a new module in the Mauve CVS if someone wants to pursue


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