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Re: Test of primitive types

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          Artur Biesiadowski <> wrote:

> Same goes for many other core features - if jvm needs testing for such
> things, it is probable that it might break at any moment in unexpected
> way. For such kind of stuff I think you should use testing framework
> from other environment - bash/expect and fork separate jvm for every
> test.
> Mauve is core lib test, not jvm test and I believe it should focus and
> stay on that subject. Nailing few jvm test on top of it won't help
> anything. Full jvm testing is a subject for different project. And java
> compiler testing is a subject for yet another one (in this case you
> would need to have fully trusted jvm and fully trusted core lib). 

FWIW, I have been testing a JVM using Mauve - and to quite a bit of
success.  Although it certainly doesn't test anywhere near all the
things I'd like, it went a long way towards fixing some major bugs.


> There is a problem with such tests in current framework. If you want to
> test such things, you cannot rely on testing framework written in java.
> You cannot check if 2+2==4 in same code which later compares this answer
> with correct one and adds passed/failures together :)

The comparison would probably be the textual result - Mauve already does
things like this in places.  If you haven't got basic string stuff
working, then you're not ready for a test suite just yet :-)  This is
why "Hello World" is such a crucial test - if you got basic string I/O
working, you can check the results of many things.


 Peter Naulls - -
 Java for RISC OS and ARM -
 Debian Linux on RiscPCs -

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