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Re: testing

>>>>> "Gideon" == Gideon Ender <> writes:

Gideon> I found your project on the net - and it sound very
Gideon> interesting. We are working on an different
Gideon> Testing-Project. In our case we make an class-test and have to
Gideon> test that an class is compatible to an given Spec. We are not
Gideon> testing against an JDK. What you mean - is it possible to
Gideon> modify your suite to test an Spec? I found "no" documentation
Gideon> - so I am not sure in this point. Maybe it is easier to write
Gideon> an new tool than modify yours - what is your opinion about
Gideon> that?

Sorry about the long delay in my reply.

You could modify Mauve to test any class that you care to.  You can
just drop in tests for any class, whether or not it appears in the
various Java specs.

The docs are rather weak, I agree.  The README file provides some
info.  You can also read gnu/testlet/ to find
out about the public interface.

Mauve's test harness isn't really that complicated.  You could write a
new one with little effort.


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