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Re: ClassTest on class.getClassLoader()

Another thing I notice is that in test_getClassloader
//Class obj2 = Class.forName("ClassTest");
Class obj2 =

I wonder if you need to put all package name here. For
me, I need to put all package name here even I set the
classpath. And in JLS, it claims that for
Class.forName(), you need put fully qualified name.


--- Tom Tromey <> wrote:
> Sharon> But when I test on jdk1.2.2
> Sharon> I get the different result
> Sharon> Class name  = java.lang.String
> Sharon> Classloader = null
> Sharon> Class name  = ClassTest_test_getClassloader
> Sharon> Classloader =
> Sharon> sun.misc.Launcher$AppClassLoader@e6775003
> Sharon> Error: test_getClassLoader failed - 2
> Sharon> IT seems to me the customer class and system
> class
> Sharon> should both return null. Does somebody know
> why i get
> Sharon> the different result ? which one is correct?
> "Correct", unfortunately, changes over time.
> This looks like a change in the JCL.  The online 1.2
> docs say this:
>     Some implementations may use null to represent
> the bootstrap class
>     loader. This method will return null in such
> implementations if this
>     class was loaded by the bootstrap class loader.
> To me this clearly implies that a non-null result is
> also acceptable.
> This is why we have tags in Mauve -- if your
> implementation doesn't
> conform to "JLS1.0" (which is how this test is
> tagged), then this tag
> should be undefined so these tests won't be run.
> It would be nice if Mauve's configure script
> detected the correct tags
> for a given jdk installation.  Someone other than me
> would have to
> write the patch, though.
> Tom

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