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Re: Library/VM tests

I guess I wasn't thinking of testing the basic operations of the VM -
when it comes down to it they should be tested too don't you think -
all they have to work correctly too right?

Perhaps the testsuite should be split into various sub-trees contains
designed to go after particular bits of the Java implementation - you
put array[-1] in the tests designed to check the VM in one area and
leave the
API tests in another.

For such things as serialization I'm not sure what the best structure
be - arguably you can serialize any class (even ones which don't
Serializable have a behaviour that can be checked) - perhaps you just
put a
serializable check in each class test directory, or maybe you lump the
serialization together (I'd go for the first option).


Artur Biesiadowski wrote:

> I think that as long as you test API, not VM it is ok. I mean that you

> should not test if
> array[-1]
> throws ArrayIndexOutOfBounds exception, but if Vector.elementAt(-1)
> throws such exception (even if it uses the same mechanism). In other
> words, you can suppose that VM is perfect - only core lib can be
> So, my personal opinion is that things that you mentioned fir into
> mauve. Example fo thing that will not fit is StackOverflowException or

> OutOfMemoryException testing - they are stritlty VM test, as there is
> really not much to test in actual classes, and have a side effect of
> possibly crashing entire test suite. I think that such tests (together

> with bytecode tests etc), should be done separately - out of mauve.
> Artur

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