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I have converted all of my tests that do not rely on external
files.  I seem to recall that we said that we were going to use
getSystemResource or something to access external files.  Right now
Classpath doesn't support that and I would rather put some effort into
making it work properly for us before I port over tests to depend on it
working.  Also, there were a couple of tests I did not port yet because they
rely on vgreping the output to determine if the test succeeded.  I'm going
to have to do a little more investigating into the inline expected results
mechanism before doing this.

Everything is checked into CVS.  I'm not sure of what was new with JDK 1.0
versus 1.1, so feel free to correct any errors in the Tags: line (or any
other error for that matter) I might have made.

Aaron M. Renn (