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Re: What are we testing ? (fwd)

 Two more comments:

The numbering starts from one 1, right?  
So when it says

FAIL: isIdentifierIgnorable (number 2)

that means that this failed:

    harness.checkPoint ("isIdentifierIgnorable");
    harness.check (! Character.isIdentifierIgnorable('Z'));
>>> harness.check (Character.isIdentifierIgnorable('\u202c'));
    harness.check (Character.isIdentifierIgnorable('\ufeff'));

That in turn means that Character.isIdentifierIgnorable should
have returned true, but returned false, right?

My JDK 1.2 spec, however, says:

    Determines if the specified character should be regarded as an 
    ignorable character in a Java identifier or a Unicode identifier. 
    The following Unicode characters are ignorable in a Java identifier 
    or a Unicode identifier: 
    0x0000 through 0x0008, ISO control characters that 
    0x000E through 0x001B, are not whitespace 
    and 0x007F through 0x009F 
    0x200C through 0x200F join controls 
    0x200A through 0x200E bidirectional controls 
    0x206A through 0x206F format controls 
    0xFEFF zero-width no-break space 

Was this changed from 1.1 (I said to run the 1.1 tests) or is the
testsuite broken?

Also, I'd like tags better, like so:

    harness.check (! Character.isIdentifierIgnorable('Z'), "check Z");
    harness.check (Character.isIdentifierIgnorable('\u202c', "check 202c"));
    harness.check (Character.isIdentifierIgnorable('\ufeff', "check no-break"));

Then it would be easier to find the culprit, and one wouldn't have to
infer how to count.

	    - Godmar