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Ordering of ports move to libc

After 2.19 has branched and master reopened for 2.20 development, we would 
like to move ports architectures to libc, as described at 
<> (which 
includes the architecture maintainers doing the moves for their 
architectures and checking that the before-and-after disassembly of 
installed shared libraries is identical).

I've checked what cases there are where one ports architecture uses files 
from another.  In such cases, either the moves need to be 
dependency-ordered, or else the #include direction needs to be reversed at 
move time.  To avoid unnecessary churn and potential conflicts when two 
people try to move their architectures at once, I suggest 
dependency-ordering if the depended-on architecture can be moved quickly.

The following architectures use linux-generic (both via Implies files and 
#include): aarch64, tile.  So I suggest that linux-generic is moved early.

There are the following other dependencies (for example, arm uses files 
from alpha):

aarch64: arm
arm: alpha
microblaze: alpha
mips: alpha arm hppa

Thus, I suggest moving alpha early - and once that's moved, I'll move arm.  
hppa is blocked by not building rather than by dependencies; I'll reverse 
the #include direction between sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/hppa/umount.c and 
sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/mips/mips64/umount.c unless hppa is fixed soon 
(fixing the hppa build would unblock it for move to libc).

As well as alpha, ia64 and m68k are unblocked for moving as soon as master 
reopens, and tile is unblocked as soon as linux-generic has moved (or they 
could move at the same time).  I intend to remove am33 as soon as master 

When moving a port, as well as moving the files you should properly update 
the lists of ports in the libc README file as well.

Joseph S. Myers

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