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Re: [PATCH] [AArch64] Define BE loader name.

On 01/06/2014 12:16 PM, Andrew Pinski wrote:
>> Cavium / montavista do have the option of creating a symlink in order
>> to ease the transition.
> No this still broken.

We need technical arguments from both sides to reach consensus.

Marcus has to come up with real reasons for needing the new dynamic
linker name.

Andrew, you need to come up with concrete reasons for not wanting to use
a symlink or a copy.

This is *exactly* the same kind of change we made for the 32-bit ARM
hard-float dynamic linker name change.

The only wrinkle is that a symlink doesn't actually work:

If Markus is suggesting using a symlink he'll have to look into the
problem I posted, because the last time I checked the symlink setup
didn't work and required a hack to be used until all binaries had
been migrated.

Thankfully in the case of the hard-float dynamic linker name change
we had consensus that the name change was needed to support a mixed


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