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[Bug localedata/12031] iconv -t ascii//translit with Greekcharacters

--- Comment #6 from Nick Andrik <nick.andrik at gmail dot com> 2012-04-28 19:40:48 UTC ---
Created attachment 6380
Greeklish trasliteration

I have created a first version of a file to use for greeklish (greek to ascii)

The conversion scheme is:

alpha -> a
beta -> b
gamma -> g
delta -> d
epsilon -> e
zeta -> z
eta -> h
theta -> 8
iota -> i
kappa -> k
lamda -> l
mu -> m
nu -> n
xi -> ks
omikron -> o
pi -> p
ro -> r
sigma -> s
tau -> t
ypsilon -> y
phi -> f
chi  -> x
psi -> ps
omega -> w

>From my experiments I realized that there isn't "chained" transliteration.
By this, I mean that I had to specify the greeklish transliterations for all
accented versions of letters, even I had specified for the simply one.

ETA with PERISPOMENI -> ETA (this is already in translit_combining)
ETA -> H (this is my addition)
If I try to convert "ETA with PERISPOMENI" to ascii then I get ?, I had to edit
it to this:

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