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Re: [PATCH] Allow tests-special to be marked as UNSUPPORTED.

On Mon, 31 Aug 2015, Carlos O'Donell wrote:

> +# The tests-special-unsupported target lives in Makefile because there are
> +# top-level tests in Makefile, and one or more of those top-level tests should
> +# be unsupported in some configurations, and Rules can't be included here due
> +# to ordering.  A better solution would be to move all tests-special tests out
> +# of the top-level and into subdirs and move this rule into Rules with the
> +# matching tests-unsupported target.

As far as I know c++-types-check.out is the only top-level test there 
might be a reason to make conditional like this, and moving it to a 
subdirectory (misc/ unless there's anything obviously better) would 
probably be a patch smaller than the comments you're adding about the 

(check-local-headers.out, however, might be trickier to move - it would be 
necessary to consider the unresolved issues with build ordering.  
begin-end-check would be in between.)

Joseph S. Myers

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