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Re: [PATCH] Fix broken overflow check in posix_fallocate

On 08/28/2015 11:19 AM, Paul Eggert wrote:
> Florian Weimer wrote:
>> That part I had seen before, but I also expected something like this:
>> +    Fix broken overflow check in posix_fallocate
>> +    * sysdeps/posix/posix_fallocate.c (posix_fallocate):
>> +    Fix parenthesization typo.
>> +    * sysdeps/posix/posix_fallocate64.c (__posix_fallocate64_l64):
>> +    Likewise.
> Nowadays the "Likewise" style is considered old-fashioned in the
> other projects I hang out in. Although it's fine and is still used on
> occasion, it feels a bit like writing "whereas" or "henceforth". I
> don't know whether the newer style has been formally documented
> anywhere, but it's quite common and it is terser.

If you wouldn't mind, please stick to the existing project format for
this patch, but do start a new thread and ask:

* Does anyone mind if we support descriptive text in the ChangeLog?

* Does anyone mind if we use the terse "Likewise" format?

Then we'll get some yays and nays and update the Contribution Checklist.

I don't see why anyone would object, but I'd rather we talk about it,


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