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Re: Request for google/ namespace

> As many on this list already know, Google has long maintained an
> internal version of glibc, under the name GRTE, that is the main C
> library for binaries running on production servers.  There have been
> sporadic releases of the sources in the past, for instance at
> , but we
> would like to use git to set up a higher-bandwidth conduit for
> changes, as the set of local patches is now non-trivial and should be
> more visible.

I applaud this effort!

> So to start with, it seems useful to define a namespace:
> google/*

Approved to have one, but I think vapier and I should be on the owners list

I'd quibble a bit with the layout underneath google/, but it's only we
Google folks who need to agree about that (and we can discuss that either
here or internally).  Just in anticipation of unrelated Google branches
that might come along in the future, I'd suggest that you use google/grte/*
for the layout you've described.

Now you just need to proceed with updating
and the other steps listed there.  Step 3 is already done, since I
just had you added to the group and everybody else was already there.

You can't edit the wiki yet because you don't have an account.
Get one here:
Then I can add you to EditorGroup so you can actually edit the wiki,
which is what steps 2, 4, and 5 require.


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