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Proposed changes to Bugzilla components

I'd like to propose some changes to glibc Bugzilla components to make it 
clearer what bugs belong in what components and to make it easier to find 
related bugs by not having so many in the catch-all "libc" component.

First, some suggested changes to descriptions of existing components:

* build is "Build problems, configuration issues, and environment 
problems.".  Suggest adding "build and test infrastructure" to this 
description (to make clear it includes all issues about deficiencies or 
suggested improvements to the testsuite, benchmarks and configure / build 

* dynamic-link is "Related to the dynamic loader and all of the 
functionality provided by libdl e.g. dlsym, dlopen, dlclose etc. Also 
includes the ldconfig utility.".  Suggest making it explicit that 
thread-local storage issues are included here.

* math is "The -lm library and code related to math and floating point.".  
Suggest adding "(including string / floating-point conversions in libc)".

* network is "Any network-related functionality e.g. getaddrinfo etc.".  
Suggest changing "network-related" to "network-related or socket-related" 
(sockets may not strictly be networking, but this seems the best place for 
issues about generic socket functions).

* ports is "Unofficial CPU and operating system ports, volunteer-supported 
only.".  Suggest adding "(obsolete component, do not file new issues 
here)", as occasionally people do still file issues in ports, and 
components can't be deleted when they have closed bugs.

Next, six suggested new components where there seem to be clear groups of 
existing bugs:

* glob "glob, fnmatch and wordexp functions.".

* librt "librt library, e.g. AIO.".

* locale "locale, character set and iconv code (not locale and character 
properties data)".  Together with this, in the description of localedata 
"Locales, internationalization data, and related code.", remove ", and 
related code".  (I think issues with individual locales and with the code 
are quite different and require different sorts of expertise to resolve.  
iconv issues are unhelpfully split between the libc and localedata 
components at present.  localedata has the second highest number of open 
bugs so I think it makes sense to try to split it up.)

* nss "Name Service Switch.".

* string "string.h functions, except where locales involved, and 
corresponding wchar.h functions".

* time "Everything related to time and timezones.".

Any comments on these, or suggestions for additional components?  Who has 
the Bugzilla access required to implement such changes?

I intend to rearrange open bugs into whatever new components are agreed.  
Any help cleaning up Bugzilla state is of course very welcome; we could 
still do with more people working through open bugs in a particular area 
and fixing them.

Joseph S. Myers

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