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Re: [PATCH] manual: skip build when perl is unavailable

Mike Frysinger <> writes:

> On 21 Aug 2015 21:58, Dmitry V. Levin wrote:
>> On Fri, Aug 21, 2015 at 08:50:29PM +0200, Florian Weimer wrote:
>> > On 08/21/2015 07:17 PM, Mike Frysinger wrote:
>> > > Do not try to generate the manual when perl is unavailable.  This
>> > > matches the behavior when makeinfo is unavailable.  Otherwise the
>> > > install step fails when trying to generate the libm section since
>> > > it runs a perl script.
>> > 
>> > Isn't this redundant with the makeinfo check because makeinfo is written
>> > in Perl?
>> Not so long ago makeinfo used to be an ELF executable.
> right -- the perl rewrite is new to the latest versions (5.0+), and the
> configure script doesn't require those.  so an alternative would be to
> stop accepting makeinfo 4.x.

Until makeinfo is rewritten again...


Andreas Schwab,
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