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Re: [RFC] Dynamic lock elision support

On Wed, Aug 19, 2015 at 11:24:39AM -0500, Paul E. Murphy wrote:
> As Siddhesh notes, there are already quite a few env variables which alter
> the behavior of libc and company. He does a good job of describing
> the requirements of such a framework. I see no reason why it can't
> be approached incrementally.

It will in fact be approached incrementally.  I have patches on the
siddhesh/tunables branch that I need to fix up following our
discussion at the GNU Tools Cauldron and post on the list.  I hope to
be able to do it before the end of the week.

> Adding to the requirements, would a common syntax for tunable environment
> variables be desirable?

The namespace requirements are frozen, but the open question currently
is how we read values for those tunable names.  My initial draft made
environment variables out of those names, but the consensus in the
room last week leaned towards an alternate expression, perhaps a
single environment variable with a string value that is parsed to get
all tunable values.  There could be other ideas, I'll think about it
once I get the initial framework in.


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