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Re: Update on commit and release workflow discussions

On Mon, Aug 17, 2015 at 05:24:40PM +0000, Joseph Myers wrote:
> Yes, that would do the job.  You still need a way to avoid a bug getting 
> in the list of fixed bugs if the bug number in the Resolves line was wrong 
> (this includes it being a bug that was fixed long ago, as well as a bug 
> that the Resolves line caused to be wrongly closed and was then reopened), 
> or if the fix had to be reverted or turned out to be incomplete (without 
> the bug getting fully fixed again before the release), and a way to get a 
> bug in that list if someone omitted the Resolves line when committing the 
> fix (or only realized later that there was a bug open for the issue).

We could do this using empty commits of the form:

    Reopen bug #bznumber

    Not-Resolved: #bznumber

or even to fix up ChangeLog entries like so:

    Fix up commit id <commit id>


	    <the fixed up changelog>

similarly to add missing attributions.

This kind of thing may get overused though, so if this is acceptable,
then we need to be careful that it's not extended so much that these
empty commits become significantly visible.


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