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Re: [PATCH 6/6] Compile sched_getaffinity.c with -fno-builtin-memset

On Fri, 14 Aug 2015, H.J. Lu wrote:

> > point to the GOT as it would for a call through the PLT.  I don't know
> > whether this gets optimized for built-in function calls using
> > libc_hidden_builtin_proto, but if it doesn't, that seems like a missed
> > optimization that should be addressed in the compiler not in glibc.
> >
> It is hard to say it is a GCC issue when we are kind of doing this behind
> the back of GCC unless there is a way to tell GCC that the libcall of
> a builtin function is hidden.

We're declaring (essentially, though a load of macros):

extern __typeof (memset) memset __asm__ ("__GI_memset") __attribute__ ((visibility ("hidden")));

GCC is using the __asm__ information to compile calls to __builtin_memset 
to use the assembler name __GI_memset - that is, in that regard our 
declaration is being taken as applying to the libcall.  If it's not also 
using the visibility information to know that those are calls within the 
library and don't need to set up %ebx, that's a clear inconsistency; all 
pieces of information from an explicit declaration of a built-in function 
should be treated the same unless there is a clear reason not to do so.

Joseph S. Myers

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