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Re: Problem building glibc

On 19 May 2015 11:46, Michael Eager wrote:
> I'm running into an odd problem building glibc.
> I'm building glibc as simply as possible:
>    $ cd /local/work/fsf-head/build/glibc
>    $ ../../src/glibc/configure --prefix=/local/work/fsf-head/install/
>    $ make
> The make never finishes.  It enters sub-directories string
> and runs make, then exits, runs make in other sub-dirs, then
> re-enters sub-dir string, runs make, and then repeats this
> until killed.
> On the first entry into sub-dir string, all of the .o
> files are built.  On the second and subsequent entries,
> no object files are rebuilt, but limits.h is installed in
> the install directory and locale-defines.h is written
> in the build directory.

i just ran into this issue (a different header, but same description) while
messing around with some of the internal headers, and then the issue stayed
sticky even after i backed out things.  i resolved the situation by blowing
away my ccache and rebuilding from scratch ...

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