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Re: New template for 'libc' made available

On 08/03/2015 01:06 PM, Joseph Myers wrote:
> On Sun, 2 Aug 2015, Jochen Hein wrote:
>> There are some new strings with `%s` instead of the usual `%s'. Is this
>> intentional?
> That seems like a bug.  In fact, any use of ` as a quote in messages is a 
> bug that should be filed in Bugzilla (one bug covering all such cases); 
> the GNU Coding Standards now specify neutral quotes in the C locale.

This is my mistake. The quotes were intended to be `', as previously used
by most GNU programs. However, now we have:

Which recommends "", and I agree with this new recommendation. All such
quotes should therefore be handled by one cleanup bug.

>> There are some messages that are constructed dynamically, which may or
>> may not be possible to use in translations.  And the dynamic strings are
>> not marked for translation.  For example:
> Those are also bugs that should be filed in Bugzilla.

That is a bug.

I believe there are 3 such instances and fixed by this patch.

I do not plan to hold the release for this. We'll fix it in 2.23, and the
translations will get updated in the next release.

2015-08-03  Carlos O'Donell  <>

	* nscd/connections.c (inotify_check_files): Quote strings for

diff --git a/nscd/connections.c b/nscd/connections.c
index cba5e6a..a6daeaa 100644
--- a/nscd/connections.c
+++ b/nscd/connections.c
@@ -1966,7 +1966,7 @@ inotify_check_files (bool *to_clear, union __inev *inev)
              dbg_log (_("monitored file `%s` was %s, removing watch"),
-                      finfo->fname, moved ? "moved" : "deleted");
+                      finfo->fname, moved ? _("moved") : _("deleted"));
              /* File was moved out, remove the watch.  Watches are
                 automatically removed when the file is deleted.  */
              if (moved)
@@ -2013,7 +2013,7 @@ inotify_check_files (bool *to_clear, union __inev *inev)
              if (finfo->inotify_descr[TRACED_FILE] != -1)
                  dbg_log (_("monitored parent directory `%s` was %s, removing watch on `%s`"),
-                          finfo->dname, moved ? "moved" : "deleted", finfo->fname);
+                          finfo->dname, moved ? _("moved") : _("deleted"), finfo->fname);
                  if (inotify_rm_watch (inotify_fd, finfo->inotify_descr[TRACED_FILE]) < 0)
                    dbg_log (_("failed to remove file watch `%s`: %s"),
                             finfo->dname, strerror (errno));
@@ -2040,7 +2040,7 @@ inotify_check_files (bool *to_clear, union __inev *inev)
              int ret;
              dbg_log (_("monitored file `%s` was %s, adding watch"),
-                      inev->i.mask & IN_CREATE ? "created" : "moved into place");
+                      inev->i.mask & IN_CREATE ? _("created") : _("moved into place"));
              /* File was moved in or created.  Regenerate the watch.  */
              if (finfo->inotify_descr[TRACED_FILE] != -1)
                inotify_rm_watch (inotify_fd,


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