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Re: [RFC] Add C11 threads.h support.

My apologies for being off this long. I have finally made this work,
and I'm not getting errors with conform or linknamespace tests but I
had to exports some symbols like this.

diff --git a/misc/Versions b/misc/Versions
index 534d1a3..df2ffc8 100644
--- a/misc/Versions
+++ b/misc/Versions
@@ -108,6 +108,9 @@ libc {
     # p*
+  GLIBC_2.22 {
+    __mmap; __munmap; __mprotect;
+  }
   GLIBC_2.3 {
     # f*
     fgetxattr; flistxattr; fremovexattr; fsetxattr;

I don't know if I'm actually allowed to do that, but I think it makes sense.

I think the whole patch set is ready for C11 threads.h (Including
manual and tests), but I don't expect it to make it for version 2.22
since it's frozen. Should I just send my patches here for a deep


2015-07-01 2:22 GMT+09:00 Joseph Myers <>:
> On Tue, 30 Jun 2015, Juan Manuel Torres Palma wrote:
>> I get all of your points now, it's unbelievable how much I'm learning
>> during the process, thanks for your guidance.
>> After running the testsuite I'm getting error regarding the
>> linknamespace test and conform test. Conform tests errors don't make
>> me worry that much because they seem to appear on other headers too
>> and are being ignored. However, in linknamespace test appear a lot of
>> new functions that I didn't even think about that seem to be in user's
>> namespace.
>> I attach my threads.h-data, linknamespace.out and conform.out for some
>> feedback.
> Most conform tests failures should be straightforward to fix.  Note that
> the results are currently clear for all ISO C versions; it's only other
> standards for which they haven't been fully cleaned up yet.  You have
> errors for the types of thrd_create and thrd_exit.  So check the types in
> both the header and the expectations.
> In the case of thrd_create, it seems you have the wrong type for the first
> argument in threads.h-data.  In the case of thrd_exit, there may be a
> trickier issue involved - try declaring it in the header using
> __attribute__ ((__noreturn__)) as done for other non-returning functions
> in standard headers, instead of _Noreturn - this is compatible with C11
> _Noreturn but the conform tests avoid it causing problems with typeof (for
> GNU C typeof, non-returning counts as part of the function's type, which
> affects how the tests for types of functions work).
> For the linknamespace tests, you'll need to investigate why all the lines
> such as
> [initial] thrd_create
> appear - this indicates something odd going on with the testsuite.
> Functions such as thrd_create should, given the makefile changes to add
> threads.h to the headers for C11, appear in the generated symlist-ISO11 as
> being in the implementation namespace for C11.  So you'll need to look at
> why, passed a list of headers including threads.h,
> failed to generate output indicating that those symbols are allowed (or
> why, if listed as allowed, they still show up as failing).
> Then, having resolved that issue so that linknamespace.out only lists
> symbols (the last symbol listed on each line is the one that the testsuite
> thinks is problematic) that reflect genuine bugs, each of those will need
> resolving, by making the relevant code call implementation-namespace
> versions.  For example, pthread_create will need to call various
> __pthread_* functions instead of plain pthread_*.
> --
> Joseph S. Myers

Juan Manuel Torres Palma.
Computer Science Student at Universidad de Granada.

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