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ld-linux and ld-funcs thoughts

(had some sending problems, sorry for duplication if happened)


I was expecting that ld-linux (from glibc) and ld (from binutils)
will have similarities. Albeit they are in two different packages
and developers, they both do some kind of linking and mess
with ELF (I'm talking Linux) files.

I was especially expecting ld-linux to use the BFD library, too.

But when I read the ld-linux sources (elf/rtld.c, dl*.c and friends)
I found out that ld-linux and the dl functions does not use the BFD.
They handle the ELF files directly. open, read, direct low-level
backend-style (in BFD terminology..) work.

Why is that ?

How come there are no linking-code similarities between ld and ld-linux ?

Why does ld-linux and ld-funcs have to implement everything
again and not use the BFD library (or maybe a trimmed version
of it, so we won't waste memory and time on unwanted file formats) ?

why do everything from scratch ? just for efficiency sake ?

Thanks Sfora.

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