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New rngs...

Dear Brian et. al.

As we're discussing the roadmap for a new GSL, I'd like to offer up at
least two, maybe three more random number generators for inclusion in
the GSL list that have been contributed and integrated into dieharder.
One that I think should absolutely be there is rng_aes -- basically an
implementation of AES as a random number generator.  AES is
cryptographic grade random and is arguably very close to a "gold
standard" that can be used to test random number generator testers, as
there is always an unstated addition to the null hypothesis "Assuming
that this is a perfect random number generator AND that this is a valid
test...", and failure of the latter is very difficult to discriminate
from failure of the former without at least a few generators for which
failure of the former is arguably less likely than failure of the
latter.  rng_threefish does the same thing on top of many rounds of
skein.  I was using aespipe to feed dieharder in a pipe until these were
contributed, but having them integrated is worthwhile, especially given
that rng_aes is respectably fast, around 1/5 the speed of mt19937.


Robert G. Brown	             
Duke University Dept. of Physics, Box 90305
Durham, N.C. 27708-0305
Phone: 1-919-660-2567  Fax: 919-660-2525

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