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[Bug regex/14780] [PATCH] handle malloc() and realloc() failures in regcomp()

--- Comment #7 from Jindrich Makovicka <makovick at gmail dot com> ---
(In reply to Rich Felker from comment #6)
> Are there any actual cases where malloc failure is not checked? I reviewed
> regcomp.c briefly and it seems the result is eventually (just not
> immediately) checked before use. However, there are major leaks when malloc
> has failed, since multiple results are checked together and no effort is
> made to free the ones that did succeed.

I do not really recall anymore if there _really_ was a segfault, or it was only
caused when I tried to free such partially compiled regex using regfree(). But
you can insert the fuzzing code from the first patch, consisting of xxmalloc
and xxrealloc from regcomp.c and #defines from regcomp.h, and run the attached
testcase with, say, 100000 iterations and look what happens.

The memory leaks are obviously real, and were the main reason I was looking
into this.

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