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[Bug regex/693] mishandled '\B'

------- Additional Comments From karl at freefriends dot org  2005-01-25 17:11 -------
When Kathy and I wrote that description of \B more than a decade ago, we did not
have any deep reasoning behind it.  In fact, we never thought of the possibility
that "inverse of \b" and "empty string within a word" were two different things.
 We were just trying to give simple examples.  

The manual was never meant to be taken as gospel or a standard, we were more
trying to describe how things worked than as a prescription of how things should
work. (It also desperately needs updating.)

So, I'm sorry that so much effort has gone into implementing our off-the-cuff
description of \B.  However, it seems to me that it would be better for users if
\B in the new regex had the same definition as it's always had -- not \b.  I
don't see any advantage to being incompatible with the past here; just the opposite.


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